Our People

Seekers Travel is defined by the people behind the brand – the heart and soul of our business. Established and respected business leaders within our ownership structure provide our business with intellectual property and guidance. Professional dedicated and experienced consultants and back office staff deliver the service on which our reputation is built.

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Our Experience

Seekers Travel was founded in 1987 as a family-run business dedicated to solving travel headaches by doing things differently.

Over the last 25 years, we have grown from a corner shop agency to an industry-leading travel management company servicing some of South Africa's most successful companies.

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Our Company

At Seekers Travel our business philosophy is to be an extension of your business, not merely a supplier. We achieve this by building strong relationships on sound, transparent foundations with all of our clients, while servicing their needs in an efficient and professional manner.

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Public Sector

Our status as a proudly South African company, combined with our unique ownership structure, has seen an increase in demand for our services from government departments, parastatals and other public sector entities. For this reason, we have established a specialised capability to cater for their unique requirements.

Our corporate business model and focus has been expanded to incorporate the intricacies and nuances of government travel business requirements. We have aligned our business to:

  • Meet the requirements of the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA)
  • Prevent overspending and manage spend within budgets
  • Ensure authorisation of expenditure
  • Track and report on travel spend
  • Support comprehensive internal controls
  • Meet the corporate governance requirements outlined in the King III report.
Why Seekers

Seekers Travel offers a comprehensive suite of travel management solutions to suit your business needs. We combine innovative technology with experienced client general managers and corporate travel experts to provide travelers access to the best prices at the highest levels of service.

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Find out more about how we plan to manage your Company's travel expenditure by completing our Free Assessment Tool. Simply provide us with basic information and one of our Sales Professionals will complete the analysis before contacting you for a formal discussion.

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Modern travel management requires streamlined technology and effective people. At Seekers Travel we have the people with the expertise and experience to solve your travel headaches, and the technology to back them up. Our travel management solutions are the perfect combination of cost savings and professional service, while you only pay for the solutions you need.

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Service Platforms

Seekers Travel is flexible in its service approach. Our clients can choose the service platform that best meet their service requirements while optimising their spend.

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Travel technology should be a major consideration when you select a travel management company to manage your company’s travel. The appropriate technology offers fantastic opportunities to improve business processes, reduce costs and increase efficiency and service levels. It provides greater business intelligence through comprehensive and accurate reporting which ultimately allows for better travel management.

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Seekers Travel is one of a select few travel management companies that has the technology to provide content-rich information to our customers. Clients can furthermore decide whether they want us to provide them with information on a regular basis, or whether they will access what they need when they need it through a customer self-service portal. Our infrastructure and hosting solution equips us with one of the most advance networks, not just in the travel industry, but in any industry in the country.

Smart Savings

In corporate companies, travel is typically the second or third largest expense. A small percentage saving therefore represents a significant amount of money. That said, travel remains a very personal experience and service is key when making travel decisions. Our fully inclusive corporate travel management solutions are the perfect way to save costs without sacrificing quality.

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Managing Your Travel

Our efficient and professional travel experts render a personalised service to individual travellers, based on a full understanding of their travel needs and requirements. The service standard remains consistent throughout the entire booking procedure, from the first consultation to the business intelligence reports provided post-trip.

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Advisory Services

Seekers Travel offers a strategic travel management service through its Advisory Services division. Our value proposition is based on our 4 Pillars of Travel Management, and scientifically measures travel performance against objectives and targets captured in a balanced scorecard. A specialised skill set, significantly different to that of the traditional travel management company interaction, allows this team to develop business solutions for all aspects of corporate travel.

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The Advisory Services division’s services include a documented gap analysis, clear recommendations and implementation support that delivers measureable improvements. Our process also lays the foundation for a holistic travel management procurement strategy for your organisation.

Through the Advisory Services division, Seekers Travel’s value proposition extends beyond operational efficiency. Our high level, strategic contributions is based on our access to peer group data comparisons from our large client base in South Africa, as well as international trends and services via our global partner American Express International.

Our approach is consistent with international trends and we work closely with our partners across the world to ensure that our clients benefit from global best practices.

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